About Me

IMG_6573.JPGMy name is Ashley Mil and I am a 24 year old “adult” who is trying to learn how to “adult” properly all while trying to be fit/have a social life/and balance work. Isn’t adulting fun?

Through this fitness journey I have learned so much about myself and the transformation is more than just the physical results. Fitness can transform your whole way of life, but first you gotta start somewhere! I started with a 12 week program (by Anna Victoria)  called Fit Body Guide and this is what got me into fitness. After I completed that, there was no stopping! I joined the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan (TIU) and now it’s a full blown lifestyle!

I can honestly say that transitioning into a truly “healthy lifestyle” has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It has taught me about persistence, confidence, humility, and simply LIVING life to its fullest.

This is my blog where you can find fitness tips, nutrition tips and more about me and my fitness journey. I hope this is a place where I can inspire more women and learn new things along the way.

Cheers to new adventures and I hope you follow along in my fitness journey/struggles of life!

XOXO Ashley


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