Keeping that Bikini Bod ;)

As women, I feel like there has always been immense pressure to look your absolute BEST come bikini season. For those of us who live in a place where bikini season comes around the summer months of June-August, we all know the preparation for this season can sometimes be overwhelming.

After all the hard work is done and you’ve slipped that bikini on is the TRUE challenge though. I find this is the time that tests us to see if the choices we’ve made to get to the point we are choices we will continue to make in the future.

I literally HATE that this is a thing.

The most important piece of advice that I can give regarding this is first and foremost… STOP THINKING LIKE THIS.

Once that bikini is on is NOT the time to stop or to change your mindset. On the contrary, it’s the time to get even MORE motivated to keep going and reach NEW goals. I know that summer is filled with BBQs, parties, picnics and basically everything that screams FOOD, so the thought of this can be scary. I’m here to tell you that, yes it is scary, but 1. You wouldn’t have come as far as you have without being scared. (Even if you are just starting your journey, you’re further than you were yesterday!) 2. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Really. You can. I promise. That being said, let’s all…

Keep moving forward. -Walt Disney

with these tips…

  1. Keep on meal prepping girl (or guy) 🙂 (Prepping for success is the KEY to all of this!)
  2. Schedule your workouts for the week! This way you are making time for your health and sticking to your new goals!
  3. Stay conscious of your food choices, but also HAVE FUN! (Keep making healthy food choices, but remember one meal or a few treats here and there WILL NOT mess up your entire journey)
  4. Encourage your friends & family to join you! (The more the merrier- as they say)
  5. Indulge in ALL the summer veggies & fruits! There’s nothing like a fresh slice of watermelon while sitting beach/pool side *insert bikini emoji*
  6. Find new healthy summer recipes to try out! (Mixing things up with fresh new meals will revive your journey and give you something new to look forward to!)


I hope these tips will help you KEEP going during this time and hopefully you can share to inspire others along the way!



XOXO Ashley


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