This past month has been absolutely INSANE for me! I am writing this blog with having a whole 2 weeks without meal prepping, clean eating, skipped workouts, and indulging more than I usually do. Secrets out! Yes, this does not match the goals I have set myself and yes I know I can do better than this. My point is, I acknowledge all of these things and AM NOT letting it get me down!

A little inside into my personal life for you all (and I am not using these as an excuse) but this past month has had so many exciting life events and these are what lead me “astray”. I was moving out of my apartment, which actually turned into quite the workout, celebrating my boyfriend’s college graduation, MDW, and had a whole week of celebrating my 24th birthday! I loved eating some of my favorite (non-LCG(Lean, clean, & green)) foods/did not workout and am proud that I can allow myself to do this and not feel like all my hard work has gone to waste.

With the last two weeks of the TIU Bikini Series kicking off tomorrow, I am trying to change my mindset and simply focus on the future. I am planning on getting back on track with my nutrition and workouts. I look forward to the feeling of crushing a workout or eating awesome an entire day. These are like little victories to me and I still haven’t gotten tired of this feeling. I don’t think that feeling can ever get tiresome. I hope that you all can relate and see the benefit of what a healthy lifestyle change can do for you and to always remember this reminder. The #NoShame mindset should be spread and WE are the ones who should spread it.

No more guilt, no more shame, no more set backs. Don’t let your mind think this way anymore. Focus on the future and how you will bounce back! That’s the motivation that should keep us going and something to also share with others.

XOXO Ashley


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