New Challenge, New Goals

As I’m sure some of you have seen on my insta (, I’ve been getting seriously PUMPED for the Tone It Up Bikini Series! The TIU Bikini Series is an 8 week challenge with both workouts and a day-by-day meal plan! The TIU creators, Karena & Katrina, have gone above and beyond for the TIU team and I am just SO EXCITED to get my first Bikini Series started!

When I signed up for the Bikini Series, I was immediately sent a digital “Starter Pack” with all the things I needed to know about this challenge and also a few new recipes to try out! Karena & Katrina also encouraged all of us to remember to journal during this challenge and start out by writing down your 3 main goals. When I had gotten their advice to write down my goals for this challenge it really struck a cord. I thought to myself that I really haven’t written down my goals ever since I started on this fitness journey and was excited to see the changes in my thoughts! So here is goes!

My three GOALS for the TIU Bikini Series are…

  1. Meal prep EVERY SUNDAY (This is something I started out doing in the beginning of my fitness journey, but slowly stopped doing. This was something that definitely helped me stay on track during the week and also made things SO much easier! I know I need to/can get back to this.
  2. Remember not to be so hard on myself if I “slip up” or have one too many treat meals that week! This is something SO IMPORTANT to me because often I find that our biggest critics can be ourselves. Living this lifestyle is a rewarding one, but it shouldn’t be restricting you to a point where you are unhappy with yourself for something so small.
  3. Going off of Goal 2, try and stick to the TIU Bikini Series meal plan 80/20. This means sticking to the TIU approved meals most of the time! Although I do balance my treat meals and regular meals pretty well, I know I can do better. I know I now have the financial stability and I am starting a more regular routine (work-life related) where I know I can try all these amazing recipes & not break the bank!

This challenge is coming at the perfect time for me and I really want to get the most out of what I’ve invested in! Hope this has inspired some of you to reflect on some of your goals for the spring/summer and helps get you ready to KICK SOME BOOTY!

XOXO Ashley


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