Rest to Recover

REST DAY IS THE BEST DAY. I have learned through my fitness journey that taking a day off and resting is actually what your body needs to recover and recuperate. I have found that this concept is often misconstrued in the fitness world and people sometimes view rest as weakness. This is simply not true.

Taking the time to let your body recover is what is going to make the difference in the end. Think about it like this… we take protein supplements/eat right to make sure our body is getting the correct nutrients to help build muscle/recover them. Rest day is doing the SAME THING!

Here’s some science-y facts to back this up: when we workout/lift we are actually tearing the muscle to essentially build new muscle when it recovers. That is why protein and nutrients are so essential to this fitness lifestyle because without it, we are only hurting our bodies. Having a rest day allows your body and your mind to reenergize for the next day ahead. Whether your rest day is at the end of the week or in the middle, just remember to NOT SKIP A REST DAY because it is just as essential as our protein intake. Ultimately, a rest day is as important as any day in our fitness routine whether if its leg/booty day or back/arms; it’s all a part of a puzzle that is not complete without a rest day in there somewhere!

So, it’s time to stop those misconceptions of rest day meaning weakness and start looking at it as a day that helps make us stronger and gets us closer to reaching our goals.

XOX Ashley


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