Protein POWER!

On my insta a few weeks ago, I had posted a pic on my insta-story about me trying out a plant-based protein. I had really been debating on switching to a plant based protein compared to a regular whey protein supplement for about a month. The reason I was debating the switch was due to the awful smell that whey protein powders seem to leave in your cup (no matter how many times you wash it). It just simply grossed me out. Now, some people may not mind the smell it leaves, but for me it was something I just couldn’t get over. This is what lead me to looking into plant-based proteins in the hopes of not having to smell that smell EVER again.

I have seen from my fave fitness insta gals, Anna Victoria & the TIU Girls Katrina and Karena, advocate protein-based proteins and so I thought why not give it a shot. The first plant-based protein I tried was the brand Vega. I tried the vanilla flavored one and I can honestly say that I LOVED it. To me, I think it tastes very natural & plant-like and doesn’t leave a chemically smell in my cup afterwards. My description of this protein was it tasted like what was in it, which is plants and a little vanilla flavor. I mix my protein with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and found that I could drink it very easily. The drink is tasty and since I am used to eating lots of plants and veggies, this taste was something I was used to!

The second plant-based protein I tried was the Shakeology Vegan Chocolate flavored one. This was also a DELICIOUS choice. I mixed this one with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it straight up tastes like a chocolate milkshake! YUM! This one definitely did not taste as “plant like” compared to Vega, however I want to try the Vega chocolate flavored one next and compare the two.

Overall, I definitely recommend plant-based proteins over regular protein powders. READ THE INGREDIENTS. This can make a huge difference in how you feel about these supplements. I found that I barely knew what was in the regular protein powders I was taking before, but with the plant-based ones I find I know all the ingredients on these labels. I know that what I am taking now is all natural and organic and that def puts my mind more at ease. I don’t smell that chemically smell in my cup anymore and I think that  is due to the fact that what I am drinking now is made solely from the earth and not chemicals. I say if you are debating it, try and switch things up and try a plant-based protein and see how you like it. To each their own 🙂

I hope this was helpful!

XOXO Ashley


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