What’s next? I’m officially a TIU Girl!

After finishing Round 1 of FBG, I found myself struggling on what I wanted to do next. I know myself, so I knew that I would need something more in my fitness journey. FBG has filled my life with an endless support system and has opened my eyes to something truly magical, but I still wanted to further this journey even more. Health and fitness has given my life a whole new meaning and I’ve found so much joy in trying out new workouts and putting myself out of my comfort zone.

I found Tone It Up (TIU) through the TIU Founders Karena and Katrina on Instagram. I followed these ladies from the beginning and instantly fell in love with them. Everything they post about, whether if its nutrition, beauty, lifestyle, wine, or fitness related, I related to it all! Not to mention I totally have a huge girl-crush on Katrina. Besides that though, I always look forward to seeing what the TIU girls are posting about and what new things I can learn from them. They truly have the science backed info on nutrition that I wanted to learn more about and have a TON of variety when it comes to workouts too.

I got the TIU Nutrition Plan and I honestly think it was an AMAZING investment. I have access to all the past nutrition plans and love getting the special member perks that come along with it. Not trying to sound like a TIU ad, but I seriously LOVE these girls and what they have created. Not to mention the TIU team has been SO welcoming to me and have shown me continued support.

Next week, stay tuned on some potentially exciting news about my fitness journey and life in general! For now, I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite bands.

“If you never try then you’ll never know.” -Coldplay

XOXO Ashley


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