Balance, balance, balance

From starting FBG (Fit Body Guide by Anna Victoria) she stresses the importance of balance and this is a message that I have taken to heart. I think this is the main thing that motivates me everyday to keep going.

“Eat Clean. Stay Fit and have a burger to stay sane.”-Gigi Hadid

When I first started my fitness journey, I saw this quote by one of my fave celebs and instantly fell in love with it. The message that “to be fit and healthy does not mean you have to eat perfectly all the time” is something that I find myself talking about all the time now. When my friends see me eating something unhealthy, they always make a comment like “That’s not in your diet” or “Are you allowed to eat that?” These types of comments get me FIRED UP. The point I try to get across to the people who say this to me is that I am not on a diet, I am just living a healthier lifestyle. I think a “diet” is where you restrict yourself of certain foods for a certain amount of time, whereas if you are choosing a new lifestyle this is no longer a diet, it is how you live your every day life.

The rule of 80/20 is always what I have in the back of my mind as I continue this journey of living a fit and healthy life. This rule is about sticking to it 80% of the time and 20% allowing yourself to indulge in your fave unhealthy choices AND not feeling guilty for it. This can ultimately be the difference between sticking to this lifestyle or not. Being able to say that “yes I can eat a cupcake every now and then” is AWESOME. I think having this mindset is why so many girls have been successful in the FBG program. It is knowing that they are NOT being restricted and simply being taught how to properly cook balanced healthy meals and what workouts to do.

So, let’s all keep this in mind as we continue on this fitness journey and no matter what stage you are in, I think this is always a nice reminder to have.


XOXO Ashley



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