Why am I doing this exactly?

Hi friends!

As you know my name is Ashley Mil and this is a little about why I started this fitness journey. This all began when I was just ending a work internship post-grad and I knew I needed something to keep me motivated while I started to look for a big girl job. I have always followed many fitness instagrams since I was in high school and have always had a passion/interest in fitness and health; so I thought why not take it to the next level?

“This is the perfect time to start something like this because I will have nothing better to do.”

This was my exact thought that fueled this fire and now here I am dedicating a whole blog on my fitness journey in the hopes to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle.

Now, let me just say this… I have always been naturally thin and have been generally athletic my entire life. I am NOT saying I am fat or that I am the fittest I want to be either, I simply want to live a healthier lifestyle. I had no idea that this whole thing would take over my life so quickly and now I find myself even more passionate than before about sharing my thoughts, opinions, & suggestions.

I am currently on week 7 of the Fit Body Guide (FBG) program by Anna Victoria and am LOVING every minute of it. My goal is to finish the full 12 week FBG program and proceed with Round 2! It is teaching me the right workouts to do, the right way to eat, and how to love myself no matter what. Anna Victoria has created a community of women who encourage each other and that is what also inspired me to share this blog with you.

I hope that you all can find some inspiration, encouragement, and useful tips from this blog and hopefully we can all have a little laugh along the way!

XOXO Ashley


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